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Actinic Software - Features and Product Comparison

Advanced Store Merchandising        
Specify minimum value of order
Specify maximum value of order
Add surcharges
Make discounts and surcharges time-expiring
Restrict discounts and surcharges to specific payment methods
Apply a comprehensive range of discounts and surcharges to any product or group of products eg ‘3 for the price of 2’, ‘BOGOF’ etc
Restrict discounts to specific customer groups
Have discounts triggered by entering a coupon code
Enhanced Customer Service        
Add custom email templates e.g. 'product out of stock'
Colour-code orders
Change order quantities on the desktop
Enter and process telephone, fax, post and email orders on the desktop
Add new items to an order on the desktop
Add comments to orders
Include thumbnail images in the search results
Enforce agreement with terms and conditions
Faster loading of orders when there are large numbers of orders in the database
Enhancements for site development
Updated look and feel
Toolbars customizeable, moveable and dockable
Single installer can install any of the main products
New 'Quick Start Tutorial' guide
Real-time resizeable preview window
Properties of selected objects always visible.
Alternative screen layouts
Display the same product in more than one place in the catalogue
Open any image in the catalogue in your image editor by a right-click menu selection
Insert fragments containing text, product links and additional images anywhere in the catalogue
Only show fragments to specific customer groups
Accelerated customer account creation when there is only one buyer
Improved Online Marketing & Commercial Protection
Anti-spam email measures
Update to search engine performance features
Increased value as Standard
Support for downloadable products such as images, documents, software and MP3 music
Link for Sage Line 50 and QuickBooks included as standard
Technical Enhancements
SMTP user name and password validation supported for mail servers that require it.
Operations controlled by Customvars put into the standard UI
Ability to switch to test mode so that test web sites can be created
/q (Quit) option added to external activation
Manage different minor versions of Actinic sites from the same installation

Actinic Business Software Actinic Business Software
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Actinic order Manager

Actinic order Manager

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